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If you travel, someone will get sick

Hello October. I’m so glad to see you. You are my favorite.


Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be jumping on a train to head to ClickRetreat in New York City. You may remember that last year I went on my first-ever cruise for the ClickCaribbean trip. It was seriously one of the most relaxing, easy-going trips I’ve ever been on–and that wasn’t even because it was a cruise. The whole tone/mood/people that come to ClickRetreat and put on Click Retreat are just good, good people. It’s my kind of blogging trip.

We’ll be staying at an airbnb in Brooklyn, digging in to some social media ideas and exploring NewYorkCity with our cameras. I cannot wait.

In the meantime, today–my day of crazy pre-trip errand-running started with all of us oversleeping the alarm for school wake-up. Apparently, I never turned mine on in my late-night stupor last night and my girls were counting on me to be their wake up call. So we made a mad scramble to get dressed, get out the door and pack lunches. I’m pretty sure I threw five different granola bars and a pbj in everyone’s lunchbox. And when we finally jumped into the car to go pealing out the lane, I realized that one: We ended up being so fast we were five minutes earlier than usual. two: It was a hot lunch day and they didn’t need lunch. Of course.

And then, as if on cue, my two ewe lambs who have been getting progressively more raspy/mucus-y nosed (My kids squirm every time I say that) are looking even more down and out today. I should know by now that if I try to slip out of town, some animal will get sick or injured or run away. Or all three. The vet is en route as I type.

Last but not least–a little housekeeping. You may also remember that I am a tastemaker with one of my favorite ideas of 2015–Twined. I wrote about the site here, but basically Twined pulls together the favorite things from various tastemakers. These aren’t just your typical “product reviews,” they are items chosen because they are things the tastemakers use and love. No one sent me products to tell you how much I love the girls’ easel or that bassinet from when they were babies. I just plain old love them and want to share them. Twined aggregates all these great finds and favorites and then you can vote for different products to help unlock and negotiate great deals and discounts. It’s Twined working on the behalf of the consumer, and it’s such a great idea. Not only that, the folks behind the scenes at Twined are fantastic. You’d like them. A lot.

As they’re kicking things off at Twined, they’re looking for a little feedback. If you take a few minutes to answer this short survey (5 minutes short) you’ll be entered to win one of ten $25 gift cards to Amazon. It takes just a few minutes to get an account with Twined, check out the site and take the survey. And if you’re already a member, you can just jump straight to the survey. I hope you’ll take a moment to help them out. Your input is key to their mission of making online shopping easier with information you can trust and lower prices. You can find the survey here.

In the meantime you can follow along with my NYC trip by following me on both Instagram and Facebook.

More soon…xo.



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