good finds smart and classic clothes for kids you’ll love (and a coupon code!)

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This is a great new site for kids clothes Great basics. Great prices. Coupon code on this post for 20% off.

Six months later, and I’m still convinced that may be one of the best things to happen to kids’ clothes in a really long time. We tried them for the first time this past spring when the site had just launched and my kids have worn those clothes hard. They’ve weathered chores and washings and swimming and sun and still look just as good as when we got them (minus one small accident with some acrylic paints, and my favorite yellow tunic.)

I think what I love about Primary the most is that the clothes are classics–they don’t need glitter and glitz and sassy sayings splashed across the front that are going to be really tired come three months from now. They are well-made basics that provide the foundation to a smart wardrobe for your kids. They are well-made, well-fit and long-lasting. And season after season, you’ll still love them. And as if that wasn’t enough, everything in their shop is under $25. may be my new favorite place for classic, kids clothes. Everything is under $25 and so well made. Great coupon code on this blog post, too.

The last time I shared with all of you, I had the chance to ask Gayln and Christina a few questions. And since I loved their answers so much, I’ve decided to do it again. They’re smart cookies, those two. And I love hearing their advice on putting together a wardrobe for fall and what’s inspiring them at the moment. Here’s what founder Christina had to say: is a great new line of kids clothing basics under $25. Coupon code on this post for 20% off.

Could you share a few of your best tips for putting together a fall wardrobe for kids?
· Update their warm weather favorites with layering pieces in simple bold colors. Bring that fave printed sundress into fall with a navy cardi and bright leggings. Top his lived-in shorts (that he wants to wear year round) with a henley or get fancy and layer a button up collar shirt over it.
· You just need a few key breakout pieces in the mix that reflect their personal style, and then a foundation of simple, solid styles that are easily mix and matched. Everything goes!
· We never start a new year without a new hoodie. The classrooms and buses seem to go from freezing cold to boiling hot regardless of the temperatures outside, so our kids have a hoodie either on their back or in their backpack at all times.
· You don’t need to completely refill the closet and it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Take the pressure off! is a great new line of kids clothing basics under $25. Good coupon code on this blog post.

What trends or styles are you loving for kids this fall?
· Color mixing – any color goes together and they don’t have to be muted and dark to say fall. Rich tangerine pairs perfectly with grass green. Tomato with spruce green, or purple with golden rod yellow, are perfect compliments.
· Bright accessories – colorful printed socks, bright bags, and vibrant printed sneakers add the right amount of fun.

What about Primary makes shopping easier and more convenient for parents?
With our classic styles in great solid colors, there are no bad choices, and everything goes together. This makes for easier morning-time routines and getting out the door without a fuss or argument! Our styles are evergreen which means parents can count on them season after season, year after year, as kids grow and closets need to be restocked. No more frustration with not being able to find something again that you liked before! We even save your past purchases in a convenient My Closet feature that lets you easily buy more colors or size up. We also make it easier to figure out the best size for your child by showing every style and size photographed on a child, with their height and weight noted, on our site. We work hard to offer high quality fabrics and styles at prices that make sense for kids clothes – to us that means everything under $25. We hope that takes some of the stress out of shopping. is a great new line of kids clothing basics under $25. Good coupon code on this blog post.

3 things that are inspiring you right now?
· Everything Dallas Clayton writes or doodles. His mixing of bright colors, inventive quirky characters and his rhymes that celebrate bravery, individuality and pursuit of happiness
· Currently obsessed with the #dresstherainbow challenge created by the house lars built.
· We’re reading Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please which is funny and inspirational. We love that she does moon hunts with her kids – of course we think these should be done in Primary PJs!

Thank you so much Christina and Gayln! I really love the advice to build your kid’s wardrobe slowly. Sometimes, when the seasons change I think I have to go out and get EVERYTHING. Take the pressure off and put it together slowly and carefully. Smart.

Want to try for yourself? Use the code MOMMYCODDLE20 for 20% off your entire order. (One time use per customer.)


Thanks so much to for sending Elizabeth a few pieces for fall. All opinions in this post are my own. 

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