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Hello, friends!

My name is Molly Balint and this is my online home. I am the mother to four smart girls who if given the choice, would spend more time in dress-up clothes, down at the stream or on the back of a pony than cleaning their rooms, practicing math facts or eating three square meals. Behind every project, word of wisdom, teary meltdown, and bushel of beans from the garden, you’ll most likely find my husband. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

I began blogging in 2005 when circumstances moved us far away from family. Over the past nine (nine!) years this blog has grown into a marking of time and change for our family, collections of lovely finds, and celebrations of the remarkable in life’s most mundane moments.

This blog has opened doors to friendships, collaborations and opportunities I never imagined. Near and dear to my heart is the habit project, now entering its sixth year.

My writing and creative projects for families have appeared in print and online. And I’m currently working forBabyCenter as a freelance blogger and social media coordinator.

Thank you so much for stopping by this space. Whether a familiar face or we’re meeting for the first time, I am so grateful for this online community. I hope you’ll feel welcome here as I share my honest reflections from the trenches of motherhood, and inspired by the words, photographs and finds that I uncover.

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