In My Kitchen

The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be in the whole house. It’s a place for both creativity and practicality. I love hearty, healthy and whole meals my entire family will love. I am often inspired by the many farmhouse kitchens I’ve had the pleasure to work in alongside some of my favorite women, from a generation that has much to teach me about feeding families, using what I have, wasting nothing and putting good food on the table. I am passionate about simple, delicious meals prepared using my santoku knife, supporting local family farms and feeding my family well.

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3 comments on “In My Kitchen”

  1. I keep trying to get your pickle recipe to pop up but it won’t. Would u share it plz. Thx.

  2. Unable to get your pickles recipe, I would love to try it. Especially since I did not like the ones I made with a store bought seasoning mixture.ugh!

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