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Tiny folded paper heart envelopes

valentines folded paper hearts envelopes After all these years of motherhood, I think I have finally established our Valentine’s Day tradition. For years, I found myself scrambling to come up with little gifts and breakfasts on red plates and candy and surprises. But it was just too much. So we’ve gone super simple the past several years, and I love it. Each year the girls get a new poem from me, with a invite for a special treat. It’s low-key, low-stress, and even though they know what’s coming, they look forward to it each year.

But I thought I’d share this SUPER simple way I fold their heart valentines into tiny little envelopes. If you come from the generation of cootie catchers and passing perfectly folded love notes in 5th grade social studies (Me? Never!) then you’re going to be all over this. What is it about tiny little folded paper envelopes, made even better when there’s a love note for your little one, tucked inside.

hearts folded into envelopes

how to fold paper hearts into envelopes


tutorial to fold paper hearts into envelopes Awesome, right? My kids (and I) can’t get enough of these. I think we could sit and fold the day away.

Happy hearts. More soon….xo.

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