When the going gets tough: letting go of perfect

I’ve decided that when making a commitment to better health, fitness, eating…the hard part isn’t starting. God knows in the past few years I’ve “started” many, many times. The hard part comes when you hit a bump in the road, when you lose some of your motivation, when you’re busy, when life gets chaotic. That’s when it gets hard because it tests whether you’re going to keep on going, or give up.

I feel like since late summer, early fall–I’ve been in the hard part. I’ve been trying to figure out where this time for myself–exercising, planning my meals (that are oftentimes different from my family’s meals), getting to the gym–fits in to a suddenly overwhelming family schedule. 

One of the first things to throw me off the rails is chaos and lack of a smooth, low-key schedule. (*cue maniacal laughter*). That’s pretty much my whole life right now. And I’ve discovered something about myself along the way–I struggle when I’m not doing this whole journey perfectly

And while that might sound like a wonderful thing, it can be really defeating when you mess up. There were days this summer where I wouldn’t ‘stick to the plan’ and so instead of going to the gym or checking in the with nutritionists who are helping me on this journey, I’d say to myself, “I can’t go in there until I’m back on track. Until everything is perfect again.” Turns out if you wait for ‘perfect’, it’s not going to happen. 

So I had to adopt a better attitude. Not sticking to it for a meal or a day or a moment, doesn’t screw up everything. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, for pete’s sake. 

The good news is, I’m back at it. I’m back on track and feeling good. (Could this possibly be why I’m writing about it again? I may be guilty.) The other good news is that even during this “bump”, I still never lost sight of the big goal. I knew what I was going through was a temporary re-adjustment but I still felt extremely committed to the long-term. And I still know this time it’s gonna work. I don’t want to lose what I’ve lost and worked so hard for. Apparently, I just had to climb this hill first.

As always, thanks to so many of you who have emailed, commented and lamented, and who have said, you’re in the trenches, too. Whatever the goal, I hope we all can help push and encourage each other along the way. 

More soon…xo.

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  1. happy to pop over here and see lots of bits of goodness. I really hear you on perfectionism–it gets in my way with writing/creating especially. thanks for this reminder (and your always inspiring online space!)

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