From the weekend : food, family, rest

If I had to choose three words to describe my weekend, it would be food, family, and rest.

A full day of rain on Saturday was perfectly timed and I was secretly cheering at the gift of a day with no soccer games  (don’t tell my children). And this rainy Saturday conveniently hit when I was also knocked out with a two-day headache that just wouldn’t quit. To be able to go back to bed at nine o’clock in the morning, and then again in the late afternoon, nursing my headache and escaping crazy schedules and running around? It was a beautiful thing.

We ate dinner at Waffle Hill Farm Saturday night. One of my most favorite things. Brisket and potatoes. Apple cake and ice cream. New Zealand guests. Wine and candles. Orioles on in the background. Kids lost somewhere, playing in another room. I love to soak it all in. 

Sunday I stayed home from Mass to continue nursing my headache and my smallest sidekick stayed with me. Eventually, we made our way to the kitchen to tidy up breakfast dishes, put away magazines and school books and mail that had piled up on kitchen island during the week, and then made our way back to the sofa for morning news. 

The afternoon was spent grocery shopping, horseback riding, and a little Rick Steves-watching. All of us getting a serious case of wanderlust. 

Sunday night, we gathered together as a family again. A much needed time together before a family member begins chemotherapy this morning, the next step in his cancer recovery. It was good to be together. To do the normal things like Sunday hot dogs and laughter and groups of us scattered around the room telling stories and catching up. And then there were the special things in light of what’s ahead–the prayer before dinner, the hugs and the holding hands. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Love your people. xo.

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