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weekending : sad face + sheep

From the weekend: 

Testing out my sheep print on some different things. I’m liking this fabric tote. Needs a little something else, but it’s definitely taking shape. 

I broke my daughter’s heart apparently. I wouldn’t give her a yogurt stick. 

Then, I broke it all over again, when I wouldn’t let her spray the piano keys with window cleaner. 

My middle child ate more pomegranate seeds than should be legal. And then she ate some more. (A simple how-to de-seed a pomegranate here.)

And we celebrated the birthday of a very special two-year-old with a crazy cake overflowing with animals. And sprinkles. (try to ignore that mess behind-the-scenes, please.)

Happy Monday, friends.

More soon…xo.

4 comments on “weekending : sad face + sheep”

  1. I love that the mess behind the cake includes a half-drunk bottle of wine! Surely there is no way to get through the chaotic times of motherhood without one or more of wine, chocolate and caffeine!

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