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More than just clean teeth

My girls and I were asked by our friends from Social Stars to take a look at these products from LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE. We were sent some goodies and tested out the products as part of our nightly bedtime routine. My promise to my blog readers is that I will only share sponsored posts on this blog if they are for products I would recommend to my friends, purchase myself, and have some connection to something I am learning, working on, teaching my children or care deeply about. So if I’m sharing it here, know that it’s because I think it’s worthy of sharing.

I went to this Emergency dentist Perth last week and I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t been in the dentist chair in quite awhile. Long enough that I couldn’t remember the last time, and had to put a big fat question mark on that part of my new patient form.  According to It’s the classic “no dental insurance, put the kids’ teeth before my own teeth” scenario. I need a new dentist and I am currently researching for the one that best suites our needs. 

Thankfully, through the power of good genetics, Steel Bite Pro and good brushing, my thirty-eight year streak of no cavities and no fillings has continued.  And the dentist office was quick to make sure I would be back in six months and keep up with my healthy teeth. I promised I would visit their official site for more teeth-care tips and left.

I have to admit that in my current commitment to better health, my eyes have been opened to the power that lies in taking care of all of oneself.

In my blissful youth, I was the kid who never had to worry about her skin. But the bliss of those days is apparently over as I’ve hit my late thirties. And I have adopted a Skin Care Routine. As crazy as it may sound, taking care of my skin has been an eye-opening experience. Those five minutes I take at the end of the evening to pull back my hair, wash my face and put on a little magical cream feel so important. Not only the fact that it’s good for my skin, it’s been good for my soul as well.

Cavities are SCARY!  Cavities are SCARY!

Setting aside that time, caring enough about myself to take care of myself, and take time for myself? That’s so important–for health, for heart, for self-esteem, for outlook on life. I know, I know, it seems like a bit much to get from a five-minute face washing, but I am convinced that these healthful habits are important and set a pattern for healthful habits in other areas of my life.

It’s this same intention–the importance of caring for yourself–that I’m trying to teach my girls to use this whitening teeth solution to take care of their smile. While we’re not needing to worry about blemishes and zit creams yet, we can start off on this same path by taking good care of our teeth.

Lately, that’s meant not only standing in front of the mirror brushing, but also adding more to that nighttime routine, including flossing (check out this great Water Flosser at and using mouthwash. I want my girls to know that taking care of their teeth isn’t just about cavity prevention, it’s also about taking care of the whole self. It’s about setting aside time to establish healthy habits–something that will serve them well in all areas of their lives.

The girls recently got a fun package in the mail full of teeth-care-taking goodies from the folks at Listerine. Now, if you live in a house of girls, you can probably guess there’s a little bit of excitement over pink mouthwash, purple dental floss and cool toothbrush holders that suction cup to your mirror.

It was the perfect way to continue to encourage the point I am trying to make–that caring for teeth is more than just clean teeth. But in the meantime, while they’re swirling and spitting and I’m feeling good about them taking care of their bodies–the LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE is cleaning up the gunk their toothbrushing didn’t get, strengthening their teeth and taking care of their whole mouth. Because a happy mouth is a smiley mouth. And who wouldn’t want to see this crazy smile?

Want to know more about LISTERINE SMARTRINSE®? It helps prevent kids’ cavities, and strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone. It cleans in places the toothbrush cannot reach (and c’mon we know kids aren’t the best brushers), and provides up to 12 hours of cavity protection. And my girls say the pink is the best. Sorry boys. 

14 comments on “More than just clean teeth”

  1. It’s good you recognized that you had to take care of yourself and how important it was that also mean taking care of your hygienes your tooth is one, brushing and flossing and rinsing your teeth with Listerine is a healthy start.

  2. I have the same problem of taking care of everyone else and not myself. I have in my older years realized I need to take care of myself also. I love this review and the Listerine SmartRinse. I feel it is a very important product and will also help to remove the gunk that toothbrushing and flossing might miss. It is very important to take care of out teeth and get that stuff out of our mouths to prevent other diseases. Great Review!

  3. Just FYI, your no cavity award is probably simply genetics – my sister-in-law (who is 60) and my son (who is 21) also have no cavities, and do not take good care of their teeth, especially my son. There is probably something in your saliva that inhibits the bacteria which cause cavities.

  4. I thought that the article was informative and it showed the value of good dental hygiene in the formative years. It also shows that even if you’re a little sloppy in brushing the listerine can pretty much get what was missed when cleaning and flossing. On mom’s part, it says that if even if you can’t afford dental visits; at least you can depend on listerine to do some pretty fantastic cleaning of your mouth and teeth after brushing and flossing. Listerine not only cleans and deodorizes, it kills germs; the bad boys who create all of your mouth and dental problems to begin with. I wish that my family could have afforded or had the foresight to have kept Listerine in the house and taught me to use it. However, I did teach my children to use it and they all have pretty healthy mouths and beautiful smiles. I also use mouthwash every day.

  5. I have a 12 years old daughter and i always encourage her to take good care of her teeth. i didn’t know about this product, thanks for the sharing but i think don’t say much about the product

  6. After reading this, I’m inspired to get Listening Smart rinse for my boys. My youngest has braces and needs all the cleaning help he can get. I’m sure we’ll get green though. … pink is for girls!

  7. Interesting review. I would use it and write about it too, if I got it free. I can’t afford the dentist for my child, nor Listerine, for that matter.

  8. This is a good product to get children to take care of their teeth with. It is important that children learn from and early age to take care of their teeth.

  9. Sharon Davis Children have no idea how important caring for their teeth is. Dentures are a sorry substitute for your own teeth!

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