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Just what we need at Woodlawn

If there’s one thing you hear me say it’s that we need more girls around this place.

So ten new heifers milling around the fields outside the house? No big deal. They arrived on Monday and we’ve been talking about things like the fact that the electric fence is now turned on, what songs they probably want to have sung to them, and who gets the orphan with the black and white face. 

They are currently being named and claimed. And serenaded (though not by trombone.) And last night, I found a certain 12-year-old flat on her back in the middle of the field doing homework and hoping curiosity would bring them in greet to her.

I told the girls we need to come up with a theme for name-selection. 

We’re open to suggestions. 

Happy weekend friends! It’s been wonderful being back here so much this week. Feels like old times. Must get back in the habit.

More soon…xo.

4 comments on “Just what we need at Woodlawn”

  1. LOL Mom on the bull’s arrival!

    How about using the Lady names from the characters of Downton Abbey…
    Lady Edith
    Lady Mary Crawley
    Anna Bates
    Mrs. Hughes
    Mrs. Patmore
    Violet Crawley
    Lady Sybil
    Lady Rose
    Cora Crawley
    Sarah OBrien


  2. In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines
    Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines
    In two straight lines they broke their bread
    And brushed their teeth and went to bed.
    They left the house at half past nine
    In two straight lines in rain or shine-
    The smallest one was Madeline.

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