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From the fog

My family is emerging–both figuratively and this morning, literally–from the fog. We’ve been battling a stomach virus that has been slowly taking down members of the family one by one for the past week (two weeks?) or so. 

I feel like I’ve lost track of time in the haze of sickness and laundry and trying to maintain some kind of order. Apparently a crazy super-bug is making its way through our county. It’s big local news, as they try to track its source. 

Dan has been the last one to fall and sickest of all of us. A trip to the urgent care clinic turned into a trip to the emergency room and I felt like I was walking in to something out of a movie. Triage, people clutching buckets and moaning, crying. People being treated in the middle of the waiting room in order to move people through more quickly. 

Meanwhile, I kept my face down, my hands to myself and applied what I imagine was the equivalent of one gallon of hand sanitizer on a constant basis. Thankfully, the nurses liked us, and placed us in the back “behind the curtain” to wait out our stay and test results. 

Today, we’re still limping along. I’m running on little sleep and lots of chaos. I waffle between running this house like a tight ship–chores divvied! school work checked off! laundry humming!–and blinking back tired tears while trying to text a friend and tell her how tired I am.

But. BUT. Normal will return. In fact, I can see it on the horizon. The fog IS lifting and there are things to be thankful for!  

  • We have electricity. As silly as it sounds, every time I throw another load of laundry in the washer I think, imagine doing this if the power was out. 
  • It’s not snowing.
  • My kids are doing chores like champs.
  • We’re still managing to get school work accomplished.
  • The fog was beautiful this morning.
  • Birdy’s daily outfits make me smile.
  • Barn cats swirling around your legs when you walk out the door? That’s free therapy right there.
  • This sickness is only temporary.
  • We’re about to have our birthday marathon and one of my girls is getting a huge surprise.
  • It’s spring! Hallelujah.

So that’s where I’ve been. Hiding out, recovering, changing sheets and serving up ginger ale, crackers and toast. But still…finding little things to lift my spirits in the moments that try to drag me down. 

Thanks, as always, for listening. 


6 comments on “From the fog”

  1. My father used to say, during the worst crises of youth, "This too shall pass." I hated it when he said that, even if, a week later, I found it to be true. Congratulations for seeing that in the midst.

  2. I hope yall are feeling better! I never believed in "the stomach bug" until 2 years ago. For 3 days I just slept with a bucket next to my bed and lost about 4 pounds (great diet! LOL!) Can’t imagine having my entire family with it and myself as well. Absolutely love The Birdy Skirt! That print is lovely and so "appropriate"!!! Now that it is officially Spring, wish I had a blouse made of that fabric!! Kim from BCN

  3. Oh all of us mama’s have been there and know this fog you speak of all too well. Hoping that by now all are well and back on their feet again and that you are back in clearer spirits.

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