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Favorite camera gear : Why you’ll love a tripod (WIN!)

I generally stay pretty low-key on my camera gear. Even though there are so many different things I’d love to add to my repertoire, I’ve had to build up my stash pretty slowly. By saving my pennies and through a few side jobs, I’ve been able to add a few lenses and favorite camera bags to my collection of gear over the many years that I’ve been carrying a “big girl” camera.

But one piece of equipment I can’t believe I didn’t add sooner was a tripod.

When I was given the assignment to take a self-portrait for a photography workshop I was attending, I knew I was going to have to either hand over my camera to one of my kids or think about getting a tripod.

I’ll be honest, I pretty much hate getting out from behind the camera. Having to take a self-portrait for this class made me all kinds of stressed. I prefer to stay in my happy place behind the lens taking pictures and telling stories.

But here’s the thing. I’m so glad that I was pushed to take a self-portrait and that it led me to get a tripod. It wasn’t as horribly scary as I thought and I’m wondering how I went so long without one.

A tripod has become a key part of my picture-taking process, especially in helping out with my newborn photography. I’ve used it so many times that it basically just stays set up in a corner of my office at all times. It’s been used all over my house, inside and out.


Here’s what I love about a tripod:

I can take pictures all by myself. No, I’m not taking daily head shots, but having a tripod has helped me be a little less shy about taking my own photo. It was so helpful for me to be able to get more comfortable in front of the camera on my own, without having to ask someone else to be patient while I tried to figure out how I wanted to wear my hair or what I wanted to do with my hands.

I’m in pictures with my kids. When I was working on this self-portrait project my kids were itching to get in front of the camera with me. While one kid stood behind the camera giving me (unique) posing directions, Birdy cantered off to her bedroom, slowly dragging all her stuffed animals into my room and climbing up into my lap. Are they the best pictures I’ve ever taken? No. But am I so glad to have captured these moments? Absolutely.

My kids love getting in front of the camera too. I’ve left my tripod and camera out a few times, only to discover several gems on my card when I download the images. With a tripod and an inexpensive remote that lets them take pictures without using the shutter button, I’ve loved discovering some favorite candid moments of my kids on my camera.

Working with a tripod takes some getting used to. Figuring out angles and focal points and the best settings to get crisp, clear shots is something I’m continuing to work on. Those photos with Birdy weren’t perfectly focused, but I love them just the same. And I’m so glad to be able to get over my silly fears and get in front of the camera more often.

Great post on why a tripod should be the next piece of camera equipment you buy. And some other great photography gear links.

I’m so excited to be able to offer such an awesome tripod giveaway to all of you today! MeFOTO, whose tripod I use and love is offering a giveaway of their MeFOTO Build-Your-Own Tripod ($249 value) AND Sidekick360 ($30 value) to make shooting with your smartphone possible, too!

The MeFOTO is sturdy and easy to use and best of all collapses into a compact case that makes it easy to take on-the-go. And, hello? You can design your own! Their online tool for building your own tripod is so easy to use and has tons of color options. And my awesome friends at MeFOTO have also thrown in a sidekick tripod as well. It gives you the option to use as a standalone tripod for your smartphone, or as an adapter to use your smartphone with your tripod. And it comes in the same fantastic colors.

Leave a comment below to enter. Contest ends Monday, August 10th. Winner will be notified via email and announced in the comments! Good luck!

** Giveaway is CLOSED. Congratulations to the winner : Elise!**

Special thanks to MeFOTO for sending me a tripod to test out for this post. All opinions are honest and my own. 


31 comments on “Favorite camera gear : Why you’ll love a tripod (WIN!)”

  1. Would LOVE to win this! That tripod looks all sorts of sturdy and gorgeous! We finally, finally got a nice camera and nearly BROKE it days after while trying to take a family pic with our newborn when it fell off what turned out to be a too-flimsy tripod! Thank goodness for camera insurance! Yikes!

  2. molly, it’s so good to see you!! i’m curious about your self-portrait class… as you know i took several nowyou workshops that were game-changers. learning to see yourself in portraits is such a good way to learn acceptance for who you are, for how you were created. like Kristin (mainemomma) would say, ‘for proof, not pretty’. i’ve just started to take self-portraits again… hard at first, but necessary in a way. i would love to document more of me with my kids. what a fabulous giveaway! xo

  3. Would love to win this. I am failing miserably at the whole “get out from behind the camera” thing.

  4. I would love to win this tripod. My husband is the real photographer around here and almost everything I know I learned from him, but I would enjoy having a new piece of equipment to try out. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to win! Drake needs a tripod for her new Zoom Q8 to film her performances! <3 Anya

  6. What timing for this giveaway! I was just bemoaning the decrepit state of my cheap tripod we got for free with a camera we bought over 15 years ago. Keeping my fingers crossed that this time I’ll actually win something! 🙂

  7. long time reader… first time commenter. for sure not a tripod owner as of yet although I take many pictures. I am always trying to find somewhere to sit my camera to take pictures. love your blog molly!

  8. I’ve been shopping around for a tripod and debating on if I needed one or not. So I loved your post here! This tripod looks pretty amazing and I like that you can use your smart phone on it as well! Fingers crossed!

  9. Our tripod is probably 40 years old and it always scares me a bit to use! We would love to have a more current, functional one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I need a new tripod! My old one is fairly cheap and now it doesn’t lock in place so the head tilts all the time which doesn’t help with getting sharp photos. Being the main photographer in the family I don’t get in many shots with my kids. It would also help my two youngest hold the camera still enough to get a sharp photo too!

  11. I would love this tripod! My cheap tripod doesn’t hold the weight of my camera well and always tips it forward.

  12. That looks like a great tripod. I am an artist that has been taking a lot of pictures of her garden project. Love your blog. I have been following it for years now. All the best.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS, Elise! You’re the winner! Send me an email with your contact and shipping information and I’ll pass it along to our friends at MeFoto! Yay!

      hello (at) mommycoddle (dot) com

  13. I’d love to win this! I’m doing a lot more video work with my iPhone and this would be SO perfect for it! Thanks!

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