Morning chores: Sounds in a busy barn

farm notes: morning chores
I’ve been off chore duty for a few days but this morning I’m back to the regular routine. As much as I sometimes drag my feet getting out to the barn, I realize how much I love the rhythm and method of feeding the animals and taking care of things outside. When I haven’t checked in daily I find myself waking up in the middle of the night (or usually 5am in the morning) and worrying that everyone is being taken care of. The girls do a good job, but I still need to touch base with the barn each day and know all is running smoothly.

This morning the girls left chore-duty early in order to go horseback riding and I was left alone to finish up. Just me, the barn and the busy barn swallows. Listen:


Noisy swallows in the barn this morning. #morningchores

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