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Making: Wooden bead bunny necklaces

Love these wooden bead bunny necklaces. Perfect for spring and easter!

One of the things I’ve committed to this year is getting back in touch with my creative (and crafty) side, especially with my kids. Back when life was a bit simpler and we were spending our days all together at home, we were always digging in to projects. But lately, not as much. So I’ve been really trying to be more intentional about making time for this creativity and fun together in our lives again. It’s so important for all of us. And I’m so glad to be getting creative again.

I’ve had this idea for these bunny bead necklaces swirling around in my brain for quite awhile and we finally broke out the glue and paints and beads to make them a few weeks ago. They are super simple and while a few of the steps require a little mom-muscle (getting that eye-screw into the wooden bead is no easy proposition) my kids have loved helping me paint the faces, cut and glue their ears and string the necklaces.

These wooden bead bunny necklaces are adorable. Perfect for spring.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the necklaces:

  • felt
  • wooden beads (we used 1 1/4 inch round balls with no hole)
  • small eye hooks that will screw into your beads
  • craft paints
  • cording, ribbon, yarn or string
  • black Sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • craft glue (I recommend Martha Stewart’s craft glue with the fine tip. We tried a glue gun, but the craft glue was much better to work with.)

These wooden bead bunny necklaces are adorable!

To make the the necklaces:

  • Begin by screwing the eye-hook into your bead. The easiest way to do this is to press the sharp tip of the hook into the top of the bead to sort of “pre-drill” the hole. Apply pressure and begin to screw the hook into the hole. Once you’ve screwed it part way into the bead, slide a small screwdriver into the bead to twist it tightly, all the way into the bead.
  • Using the craft paints, paint a small circle around front of the bead and allow to dry. Depending on your paint color, it may require a second coat.
  • Cut bunny ears from the felt and once the face has dried, glue them to the top of the painted circle with just a small dot of glue.
  • With the Sharpie marker paint your bunny face on the bead. (you can see from the first picture in the post to the last one, we changed the design of our bunny faces!)
  • String the necklace with your cording. (I recommend an adjustable sliding knot so kids can take them on and off easily.)

These wooden bead bunny necklaces are adorable. Perfect for spring crafts or Easter!

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