It’s going to be a big February around here

This summer’s county fair was pretty amazing for my girls. You may remember that Elizabeth won Reserve Grand Champion lamb, which meant that her lamb Nora would have to be sold in the auction. Well, Nora was sold but the bank that bought her ended up giving Nora back to Elizabeth. (you can read the whole story here.) Not only that, my aunt, who bought Mary’s lamb Agnes, also found Mary after the auction and asked Mary if she wanted to bring Agnes home. Kindness all around. 

So our flock of 4 Southdowns quickly grew to 6 when Agnes and Nora came home. But this fall when the girls received their checks from the auction, they decided to invest them back in their growing flock of lambs. 

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goals, good stuff and what I’ve been up to

You guys, I’ve been totally absent from this place but I’m so excited to be sitting down with a cup of tea and the blinking cursor of a blank blog post this afternoon.  Over on Instagram, I’ve been alluding to some work I’m doing behind the scenes and while I’m not ready to share it with the world yet, I will let you know that I’m busy building a new online space. I am so excited about it and cannot wait to finally put it out there to the world, but woah, is it a ton of work! 

Every step forward requires 7 steps to the side. I’m building everything on my own, piece by piece and I’m learning so much along the way. It really is a labor of love. 

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Sad goodbyes

Every time I pulled myself together today, the phone would ring again…my mom, the vet, another person hearing the news about Ruby.

The past several weeks, we’d been noticing Ruby losing weight pretty drastically. It also happened to coincide with an injury from over-doing things playing fetch with a visitor who didn’t know how bad her hips were getting. She would never quit. And she always brought the stick back for more.

But recently her weight loss had been alarming and it was definitely more than just her hips. We took her to the vet on Wednesday hoping it would be something simple– a parasite that was out of control, maybe a case of Lyme Disease. But blood work showed that there was definitely something more alarming going on–either a very severe case of Lyme or something much more serious.

Though we never were able to completely pinpoint the root, it was mostly obvious that we were dealing with the last stages of cancer. Ruby’s blood counts were incredibly low and it was almost unbelievable that she was still standing.

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