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Classic clothes for kids you’ll LOVE: Meet Primary!

A new line of kids clothing called Primary. All kinds of great kids basics and everything is under $25.

You’ve heard me talk about it so many times, I’m constantly discouraged by the lack of classic, well-made, kid-appropriate clothes for my girls. Shopping trips generally end in frustration or giving in to the least “sassy” (my girls’ term) clothes we can find.

So when I heard about the launch of this brand new line of kids clothes from Primary I was totally intrigued and excited for the possibility of finding exactly what is missing in the field of kids clothing. Primary provides high-quality kids basics (0-10yrs) in complimentary colors that pair well with each other. The online shopping experience is simple and straightforward and the clothes will always be in stock. But the absolute best part? Everything on their site is under $25. 


My two youngest girls got to try out some of the clothes from Primary and I can completely vouch for the fact that the clothes are well-made, have smart details (like a reversible twirly skirt or dress) and are true to size. I have a feeling Primary is going to be my go-to site for the girls clothes this summer. It’s the “where have you been all my life?” site we’ve all been looking for. And the answer to the huge hole in the kids clothing market for kid-centric, well-made, affordable and smart clothing for our kiddos.

I had the fun privilege of being able to ask the founders of Primary–Gayln and Christina–a few questions about their new brand, balancing it all and what inspires them each day. Check it out (and don’t miss their 3rd “inspiration”. It’s was like a lightbulb moment for me and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I read it last week!):

Tell us about Primary:

After 12+ years of shopping for clothes for our own kids, we felt like we still didn’t have a go-to destination for the stuff our kids wear every day. Everything in the market seemed more expensive and harder to shop for than it should be. I think we were especially sensitive to it because we spent so much time at figuring out how to get busy parents their diapers and formula as quickly as possible. And we just wanted to be able to shop for basic kids clothes the way we used to shop for diapers–where it was incredibly easy to find the kind you like, and buy more of them in bigger sizes whenever you needed to, all at prices that made sense.
Kids clothing shouldn’t be expensive. Who wants to pay $40 for something your kid will outgrow in a matter of months, and might not even pull out of the closet that often! With Primary, we are excited to offer quality clothing for babies and kids in fabrics like pima cotton, all priced under $25. We can do that because we are selling online only, and because we are focused on evergreen styles that people will want for the next 5 years, not just the next 5 weeks. Our prices represent a 25-50% discount to competitors offering the same level of quality.

A great new line of kids clothes called Primary. Everything is under $25 and they have awesome, well-made basics. Plus a code on this post for free shipping for a whole year!

And then there’s the shopping experience itself. Kids clothing shouldn’t be hard to shop for. When your kid outgrows the leggings or cargo pants they loved from last year, parents should be able to easily buy the same ones in the next size up. That’s what we aim to offer with Primary– a place busy parents can count on. We also want to provide a beautiful, seamless shopping experience, and after you shop our site you’ll find your very own MyCloset which keeps track of what you’ve bought and makes it easy to get other colors or the next size. We will also offer awesomely helpful and friendly customer service and fast free shipping (most orders will arrive in 1-3 days, and shipping is free on orders $50+) We are launching Primary and can’t wait to introduce 32 essential styles (from infant to size 10) in a palette of 20 awesome colors. We hope other parents love it as much as we do!

What are you most excited about with this brand?

We’re most excited for the opportunity to reimagine what it means to be a kids clothing brand. We want to build something that parents (including ourselves) will love. And we get to do it with some of our favorite people. We have a brilliant, hilarious, ultra nice team, which makes this entire journey incredibly fun.

What are parents going to love most?

The simplicity of what we are doing. Great quality clothes at no-brainer prices and an experience built solely to make life a little easier for busy parents.



Launching a new company and being a parent can’t be easy to juggle, what’s one daily/weekly habit you have that helps you stay sane?
Galyn: I go to bed when I am tired. Even if it is 8:30pm.

Christina: My kids and I have traditions we know we can count on, whether it’s keeping up with the TV show, The Voice or making dinner together on Sunday evenings.



Any parenting anecdotes to share with my readers?
Galyn: my kids started calling me mommy salami recently, which I think is hilarious. I keep a running list of funny things they have said over the years in my phone – this is the latest one. Some other favorites are: “decaf cafechino”, the youtube sensation “gum dum style”, and “hanitizer” to keep the germs away.

Christina: I am the parent who misses that it is school picture day, and sends her son to school in a t-shirt with skulls on it and wild hair. One year, a parent trying to help wetted it and parted it right down the middle. We didn’t order pictures that year. Not even a magnet.

A great new line of kids clothes called Primary. So well-made. Classic looks and everything is under $25. Plus a discount code on this blog for free shipping for a whole year.

List 3 things that are inspiring you right now:

1. The incredible talent and character of little league baseball pitcher Mo’ne Davis

2. People around the world who are doing things that truly make them happy

3. New opportunities to simplify. A recent-ish interview with Alexa von Tobel has stuck with us – she said “My ultimate goal is to create operating systems for myself that allow me to think as little as possible about the silly decisions you can make all day long—like what to eat or where we should meet—so I can focus on making real decisions.” Marc and Vinit, the co-founders of took a similar approach to saving time. Like wearing the same slip-on shoes every day. The little things can make such a big difference.


Use the code “mommycoddle” at checkout and you’ll receive free shipping, with no minimum order for an ENTIRE YEAR! Woohoo! (Purchase must be made by May 15th to activate code.)

A few more from Primary’s lookbook (click on the images to scroll through):

Find Primary on Facebook || On Instagram || On Pinterest

Disclaimer: Primary sent my girls some clothes to try out before writing this post. All opinions are honest and my own.

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Making: Wooden bead bunny necklaces

Love these wooden bead bunny necklaces. Perfect for spring and easter!

One of the things I’ve committed to this year is getting back in touch with my creative (and crafty) side, especially with my kids. Back when life was a bit simpler and we were spending our days all together at home, we were always digging in to projects. But lately, not as much. So I’ve been really trying to be more intentional about making time for this creativity and fun together in our lives again. It’s so important for all of us. And I’m so glad to be getting creative again.

I’ve had this idea for these bunny bead necklaces swirling around in my brain for quite awhile and we finally broke out the glue and paints and beads to make them a few weeks ago. They are super simple and while a few of the steps require a little mom-muscle (getting that eye-screw into the wooden bead is no easy proposition) my kids have loved helping me paint the faces, cut and glue their ears and string the necklaces.

These wooden bead bunny necklaces are adorable. Perfect for spring.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the necklaces:

  • felt
  • wooden beads (we used 1 1/4 inch round balls with no hole)
  • small eye hooks that will screw into your beads
  • craft paints
  • cording, ribbon, yarn or string
  • black Sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • craft glue (I recommend Martha Stewart’s craft glue with the fine tip. We tried a glue gun, but the craft glue was much better to work with.)

These wooden bead bunny necklaces are adorable!

To make the the necklaces:

  • Begin by screwing the eye-hook into your bead. The easiest way to do this is to press the sharp tip of the hook into the top of the bead to sort of “pre-drill” the hole. Apply pressure and begin to screw the hook into the hole. Once you’ve screwed it part way into the bead, slide a small screwdriver into the bead to twist it tightly, all the way into the bead.
  • Using the craft paints, paint a small circle around front of the bead and allow to dry. Depending on your paint color, it may require a second coat.
  • Cut bunny ears from the felt and once the face has dried, glue them to the top of the painted circle with just a small dot of glue.
  • With the Sharpie marker paint your bunny face on the bead. (you can see from the first picture in the post to the last one, we changed the design of our bunny faces!)
  • String the necklace with your cording. (I recommend an adjustable sliding knot so kids can take them on and off easily.)

These wooden bead bunny necklaces are adorable. Perfect for spring crafts or Easter!

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