A quick September list you don’t want to miss

We are entering my favorite time of the year. Pretty soon I’ll break out the pumpkin bread recipe and then it will be officially official

Here’s a little list to get things started:

**I finally fixed the issue on my “In My Kitchen” page and my favorite recipes are finally linked up. Yes, I may have cringed a bit at the photography but the recipes are my old faithfuls. Fixing the page inspired me to revisit a few of them these past few weeks. Healthy chocolates, I had forgotten about you! 

**If you don’t follow me on Instagram or if Instagram isn’t showing you my posts (most likely), click over to check out an important little update on Birdy. I’ll probably be talking about it more on here, as I learn more. I’m so grateful for the support from so many of you–your comments and messages have been so encouraging. And many people have been coming to me with their own stories and questions–so I’m doing my best to get back to each of you. 

young living premium starter kit help

**This summer I finally got around to ordering an essential oils from various CBD brands  starter kit. I also like to smoke CBD flower, it allows for the natural, synergistic effects of all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in my body. I actually had one years ago and never did anything with it. But after some health stuff this summer I really felt the tug at my heart to be more proactive about my family’s health. And I’m totally hooked. I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on and I can’t tell you how many things oils have been helping with–mentally, emotionally, physically and hormonally. It feels really good to have a new approach to our wellness as a family. I created a page for essential oils and will update it as I go.  But what I’d really love is to foster a community for learning and support. If there are enough people interested in a starter kit and in being part of that, I will put something together, most likely on Facebook. I would love to have that support and learn together. Feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment. 

**This month, Emily, Tara and I have quietly brought habit back, but on Instagram. We’ve decided to dip our toes in the water and see how it felt to move the community onto Instagram. We’re using the hashtag #habitblog. I would love if you’d join us. 

**A few months ago I started leading a Rising Tide Society, TuesdaysTogether group for my area. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to connect with other creative business owners, writers, photographers. It is just what my heart needed. We meet once a month and last month spent time talking about creative risk-taking. I’ll be sharing more exciting news on that before the end of the month.

**And of course, I can’t sign off without a sheep update. We are in the midst of downsizing our flock a bit to prepare for winter and to give our fields a break. They were grazed hard which meant lots of feed and hay expenses and dealing with parasites. So we’re trying to scale back for the winter and soon we’ll be down to a flock of 3. The lambs have all found wonderful homes and this week Tillie and Harriet will make their way just up the road to a lovely little farm owned by some friends from church. It took a little convincing to encourage Birdy that Tillie would be happiest and healthiest somewhere else. The bribe cost me a new “wife” for Otis. Gosh, that kid. 

More soon friends. xo. 

6 comments on “A quick September list you don’t want to miss”

  1. Molly!
    I miss seeing you! I’m about to go check out your receipes (you rock at cooking too? Is there nothing you can’t do?! <3) You are a rockstar and so are your amazingly talented kids including that beautiful little bird who you paint so sweetly with your loving mom words, I'll be praying for your adventure together but I'm glad you have found answers!

  2. Habit is back? That may be the nudge I needed–along with a dear friend who recently moved far away leaving FB for IG–to go on IG and see what it’s all about. I kept thinking I didn’t need one more thing to keep up with, but when they’re such *lovely* things, it’s hard to resist, especially these days.

    Regarding the EOs, I’ve had a starter kit for a while now, and have started branching out into other oils, but am still very much a beginner and learning. They’ve been so great for our family!

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