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Buying glasses online and a GIVEAWAY!

A few weeks ago I was lamenting to a friend about how I felt like I was going a million directions at once. I was constantly running and our schedule felt jam-packed and I just missed being at home. I missed having days with nothing on the calendar. I have this constant refrain in my head, “When things slow down, I’ll…..” but the slow down never seems to come.

In some round about way though, I got what I wished for. A few weeks ago, Dan got injured in a soccer game and is in some stage of crutches, cane or hobbling around the house waiting for the results of his MRI. Emma fell at school, catching herself with her wrist and is in a splint while we wait to see if it is just a sprain or if the radiologist thinks that something “suspicious” on the x-ray could be more. Birdy, Elizabeth and I got slammed with colds. Birdy’s turned into pink eye in both eyes. And Elizabeth woke up with pink eye and pain in both ears. I suppose if you’re going to get pink eye for the first time in your parenting life, why not go all in?

I’ve reached the point where all I can do is step back from the crazy and laugh. Perhaps that means I’m losing my marbles. But I am getting plenty of days at home. Plenty of naps snuggled in bed with my sick people. And lots of downtime. I suppose it’s a sign of real desperation for stillness when you’ll take it in the form of colds and injuries. Whoops.

But let’s talk about something more exciting. NEW GLASSES.


A few years ago I bought my first pair of glasses online. I was nervous about the process and couldn’t believe that frames could be both inexpensive and of nice quality. But I was totally surprised. So when I was asked to try out a new-to-me online glasses shop, and realized I’d been wearing that same pair of frames for several years, I was excited to try it out.

Firmoo offers a huge range of glasses and sunglasses for men and women. They have tons of great styles to choose from and the process of ordering them is simple.

Generally I can get a good feel for what glasses I want as I scroll through the different styles. But I always struggle when I get it narrowed down to those last 3 or 4 pairs. This is where Firmoo’s online “try-on” software is really nice. You can take a photo and virtually try on the frames to get an idea of how the shape, style and size looks on your face.

But even more exciting is the price. Their frames are so affordable and the quality of both pairs I received was great. The lenses matched my prescription and aside from getting used to a larger frame (I went a little bolder this time. Eek!) they were easy to wear and didn’t require a long adjustment period like I’ve experienced with some frames.

In order to order glasses with Firmoo or any online retailer, you’ll need your prescription and your pupillary distance code. I love that my ophthalmologist doesn’t mind giving me a paper copy of my prescription, but if yours doesn’t do that, it’s easy to get.


My Firmoo glasses arrived quickly and I loved the style. And for the price, I think I’ll also get pairs for both of my glasses-wearing girls. With the way they “take care” of their glasses, I think it will be smart to have a back-up pair ready since they both rely on them so heavily in school.

Aside from Firmoo, you can also opt for Glasses Online Canada because they are very affordable and fashionable at the same time.

I’m so excited to share that Firmoo is giving away 5 pairs of glasses to 5 lucky MommyCoddle readers who have never used Firmoo before! Wooohooo! Simply go to this link and let me know which pair of frames speaks to you. Each winner will receive a voucher which covers the frame with 1.50 index single vision lenses. Please note that each winner will be required to pay shipping. Giveaway ends at midnight eastern on Saturday, May 7th. Good luck and enjoy!

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Disclaimer: Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses to try out for this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. 

13 comments on “Buying glasses online and a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I’ve been wearing the same Warby Parkers for almost 7 years. Time for a trip to the ophthalmologist – a chore that’s on that never ending To Do list. I think I’d like to go bigger this time – maybe the DBSN62237? And seriously, you weren’t kidding about low prices – wow!

  2. wow! are those prices for real? seriously? New glasses are usually something I need to budget for well in advance! I’d go for K5023 — they look great!

    And sorry to hear about Dan 🙁 always something, eh?! Happy thoughts for a healthy week!

  3. I think DBSN62215 or MR303. I am struggling with glasses right now….such serendipitous timing!

  4. MR202, maybe? It’s really hard for me to pick. Buying glasses online is a new concept for me and I’d have to figure out the whole ‘try it on a photo’ thing.

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