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I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on my blog, putting together some pages to share a little bit more about my Arbonne story and how I came to be involved in the business.

Like so many of us,  I am always striving to be much more intentional about the choices I’m making for my family–not only the foods I am putting on the table, but also the things we are putting on our skin and hair. I once heard that it takes 22 seconds for something you put onto your skin to make its way into your blood stream and I often think of that when I’m slathering on lotion, washing my hair or applying deodorant.

Not only that, there’s something about my sister’s diagnosis that obviously hits close to home. And while I have to work hard not to let my anxiety get the best of me, it impresses upon me even more that I need to be diligent about making clean, healthy choices for my family as much as I can.

Even though I’ve been using Arbonne products on my skin for several years, these kinds
of experiences fuel my passion for sharing these things with others and for slowly replacing our every day products with safer choices for my family.

One of the things I’ve been really enjoying lately is sharing this business in online pop-up events on Facebook. It stirs up my former teacher genes as I get to share a little bit more about the science behind our products and taps into my love of sharing great finds with people I care about, as I present some healthy, safer alternatives for many of the products we all use daily.

But here’s where I need your help. I have been working hard to hone my pop-up events and the information I share in these presentations. So I’m looking for 3 people to host online events this week or early next. What’s involved? We choose a time to host your private event on Facebook. (I usually try to shoot for late evening, once everyone’s kids are in bed.)  You invite 10 (or more!) of your Facebook friends to our pop-up party and we gather for about 90 minutes together online. We’ll chat about the products we are using, I’ll share a little about Arbonne and some inspiration for making healthier choices for our homes and families. And no one has to leave the house or scurryfunge.

As a thank you for volunteering, I’ll be giving every host $25 in free products or $25 off their first order. And you’ll also be elgible for our really generous host rewards.

Does everyone need to be online the whole 90 minutes? Nope. Your friends can feel free to pop in and out of our event and catch up where they left off.

I currently have spots available on Thursday, Friday or Sunday night. Really want to take part, but can’t do any of these dates? Shoot me an email and let’s see if we can make something work.

3 comments on “Let’s hang out”

  1. Is there a way to do this without facebook? I don’t fb…I know weird…but what about like a gotomeeting? I have never hosted on there, but just ‘attended’. Anyway let me know. I would love to hear more about the products!

    1. Hi Jodee, Not weird at all! I’d love to figure out a way to do this together! I know that Facebook recently changed their settings so that you can join an event, even if you don’t have a Facebook account. But I have a few other ideas that might work, too. I’ll shoot you an email and we can talk about details. xo.

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