30 Days to healthy living and beyond (aka: I may regret this in the morning)

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It can be dangerous for me to make these kinds of decisions late at night, but in all honesty, I was actually ready to make this decision a few days ago. I’m just saying it out loud because I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe–a few of you might be willing to join me. Before the craziness of the holiday season hits and before I get into hibernation mode for the winter, I’ve made the totally last-minute, but long time coming decision to jump into a 30-day detox/clean eating challenge that starts on Monday! Eeek!

Have you done a detox or clean eating challenge? Am I going to hate the world? Maybe. But I’ve also been so cognizant, even after a mini one week challenge I did this summer, that the foods and vitamins and minerals that go into my body make such a remarkable difference in how I feel, move, think, and deal with life. So I’ve decided to go for it go all in and get yourself a treatment at Circadian Optics to take care of your body and mental health.

To me it’s about getting back on track with making good, Build a Healthy House by naking healthy choices, taking back the control that I’ve let slip through my fingers and seeing those changes trickle down through my family. 

But this is why I’m telling you: Besides accountability, I’m really hoping just a few of you will jump in with me! I would be thrilled! Seriously, let’s do this together. Hard things are more fun with friends.

So here are the details:


I’ll be doing a program that uses Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond as a framework that’s supplemented with some of my favorite products from Arbonne: Protein Shake Mix (vanilla + chocolate), Daily Fiber Boost, 7-Day Body Cleanse, Herbal Detox Tea (2 boxes. Sidenote: this is a fave.), Energy Fizz Sticks (2 boxes, also a fave.), Digestion Plus. They are vegan-certified, gluten-free, have no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no high-fructose corn syrup, standardized plant extracts, and have a low glycemic index. But best of all–they taste amazing. Trust me, you won’t be able to get enough of those little fizz sticks. And the protein powders are the only ones I’ve tried that aren’t chalky and…disgusting. And I’ve tried a lot.

We’ll be part of a private Facebook group for coaching, questions and support. We’ll receive a detailed guide on what to do, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, accountability and encouragement. We have an amazing guide paired with both a clean eating and detox program. And everyone I know who has completed this calls it life-changing. I’m totally game for that. I’m totally scared. But I’m just going for it. Because I know how important this is.

What do you think? Let’s do this before the holiday rush and parties and busyness and All. The. Food. gives us every excuse NOT to do it? Maybe it’s good that this is last-minute. Less time to think too much. Time to just jump in.



If you’re interested, the most important thing to do is contact me right away. If you place your order with me and purchase the products as a set, I can order them for you at the preferred client rate of 40% off. So instead of paying $402, you’ll be able to order it for $241.20. Shoot me an email and we’ll get you set up. We’ll add you to the group and we still have plenty of time to prep, grocery shop, mentally prepare (and eat a donut) before Monday. Here I go. I’m hitting publish on this sucker.

Email me: hello(at)mommycoddle(dot)com 


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