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A little list

Best snack ever: plain greek yogurt, almond butter, raw honey and a few Cheerios.

Oh summer, you delightful destroyer of schedules and routine. I love you and I loathe you. It just depends upon the day. Sneaking back in with a little list:

1. My new favorite summer snack = plain greek yogurt + almond butter + raw honey + whole grain cereal.

2. Forget about google street view. Google sheep view is where all the cool shepherds hang out.

3. FixerUpper is my summer indulgence. I just can’t get enough of Joanna + Chip Gaines. Or her blog. Anyone else? Now I just need to figure out how to get her out of Waco and over to Maryland to help me with this fixer upper. 


4. #LucyBalint obviously hates it here and gets zero attention.

5. Dry shampoo (this brand in particular) has changed my life this summer.

6. Also loving Thrive Market*. It’s like Costco, TraderJoes and WholeFoods had a baby–that gets delivered to your door. And if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have any of those places in close proximity, it’s heaven. And their prices are fantastic–(I always check Thrive Market vs. Amazon.)

7. I’m going outside my normal creative outlets and taking part in Ali’s Week In The Life (starts Aug 17th this year). I’m pumped to do something creative. Feeling a little tapped out in that department.

How about you? What’s on your summer list? I miss you! Say hello! 

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5 comments on “A little list”

  1. i have been loving fixer upper too. But I have also been loving watching Restoration Home, restoration man, and Escape to the Country on YouTube lately.
    I got to this page from your pin about chat books. Where can I find your post about them? I wanted to learn more, but I don’t see them here.


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