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Farm notes : Week of April 6

Inspired by the simple, straightforward style of E.B.White’s notes on daily chores. Last week’s farm notes.

Love how this blogger shares weekly notes from her daily chores and life on her farm.

MONDAY: (54°, mostly cloudy): Girls went riding at the barn this morning, but helped with chores before they left. Slowly seeing more and more green peeking through the brown winter grass. It’s about time. All the animals are out in the field.

TUESDAY: (61°): The rain is holding off today and it looks like the sun is going to win out. It’s supposed to go up to the low 70s today. Feels really balmy out this morning. Noticed on my way home from school drop-off how quickly the hills are turning green at the neighbor’s farm. Everyone out today. Need to call the sheep shearer and get on her schedule when she comes to our area. Waited too long last year. Really want to research sending their wool off somewhere to be made into a blanket. Not sure if that’s possible with Southdown wool?

WEDNESDAY: (45°, light drizzle): Spring is fickle. Drizzly and cold today. Put Tinkerbell out in the field by herself for the morning. Will let the sheep out later if the rain doesn’t get too heavy. Making a list for Dan of the things we need to do before 4-H lambs arrive next week. Need to get shavings and Show Lamb feed from The Mill. The mamas and the babies both need their pens mucked out. Emma needs to clean the tack room before she goes to the play this weekend.

Love this bloggers weekly notes on daily chores and life on her farm.

THURSDAY: (42°, cloudy): Drizzly and cold. Again. Actually had to go back to winter coat and gloves today for chores. But at least not much more rain for the day so all animals could go out in the field. Dan and I caved and decided to get Elizabeth chicks for her birthday today. Had to find all the supplies and scrub out the big black water trough to put them in. I know she’ll take all responsibility for them, which she was basically doing for the chickens before we lost them this winter. Ended up having to drive to a feed store an hour away to find ones that I wanted–The Mill only had Silkies and ducks. Came home with 3 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Rhode Island Reds. Drove home in the truck with everyone holding chicks in their laps. Set them up in the corner of the living room, as you do.

Agway || York, PA

  • 25-pound bag medicated chick starter
  • 1 clear, indoor heat lamp
  • 3 garden stakes
  • 1 bale mini-flake shavings
  • 1 plastic chicken waterer
  • 1 plastic chicken feeder
  • 6 day-old chicks
  • 2 lollipops

TOTAL: $56.47

FRIDAY: (45°, light drizzle): Baby chicks did well overnight. Took them awhile to settle down. One is particularly noisy. Need to switch out the clear heat lamp for a red one so they don’t peck and pick at each other as much. I’d forgotten that tip until I got home. Another grey, drizzly day but supposed to reach upper 60s by afternoon. Woke up last night to lightning, but no thunder. More storms coming later today. Reminding myself again that I need to call the sheep shearer and get on her schedule.

(image credit : e.balint)

2 comments on “Farm notes : Week of April 6”

  1. this all makes me smile. xo years ago my father had some of our wool sent out for a blanket project. we did get small blankets back, but i think it was a cooperative sort of thing, so each blanket is not just southdown. a ‘mixed breed’ if you will. here is the Connecticut link. Maybe you have something in your area.

  2. It’s funny, not only do I not have a farm but I have a little square of garden that’s barely big enough for herbs & a bit of lettuce, and yet I love immersing myself in your farm notes. I find them strangely soothing and settling. Though this week my little green-eyed monster came out with the mention of chicks!

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