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My favorite cracker: Easy cracker crisps

Let’s just say I’m known for getting on “kicks” in my kitchen. There were the meringues, the chocolate sauce competition, the best.snack.ever…and now, meet my newest addiction. These little cracker crisps couldn’t be any easier to make. They are perfectly crispy and just the thing to go alongside a good bowl of soup, a nice fresh salad, an after school snack.

You can whip them out in just about 5 minutes. And they only take 3 simple ingredients.

Friends, meet your newest addiction:

These crackers look so good. So easy to make. Would be great with soup or a crunchy side to sandwich or salad. Definitely trying these.

Easy Cracker Crisps:

  • 1 package wonton or egg roll wraps (if you use egg roll wraps, you’ll just want to cut them into smaller, cracker-size bites.
  • Olive oil or similar (I use a canola/coconut oil from Spectrum)
  • Course salt

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Brush the parchment paper with a light coating of olive oil. Place the wraps on the paper and brush tops lightly with oil. Sprinkle with salt. Bake at 350˚ for approximately 5 minutes. Be warned: you will want to keep a close eye on these. They will go from perfectly golden brown to perfectly burned in just a matter of minutes, so don’t turn your back on them to take pictures of your kids shoving them into their mouths. Because while you’re snapping pictures, you’ll burn them. And then you’ll get distracted by a toddler who wants you to color with her and you’ll burn the next batch. Learn from my mistakes, friends.

Seriously though. Put this on your grocery list. Stock up on wonton wraps. Make yourself a yummy pot of soup. And round it out with these perfect little crispy crackers.
Easy cracker crisps: these look so good and couldn't be easier to make!

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