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7 reasons to change from CFL bulbs to CREE LED bulbs

This post is brought to you by Cree Bulbs. All opinions are my own. I will only share products and reviews in this space when I feel strongly about the product and believe it’s worth sharing with others.

When news stories started to break about the fact that incandescent light bulbs were going to become a thing of the past, my husband went immediately out to the store and bought boxes and boxes of bulbs. 

It’s not that we’re anti-energy savings and greener options for our home, it’s that we both HATE the way CFL bulbs light up our home. Words like cold and dull come to mind when I think of CFL bulbs. Not to mention the fact that walking into a room and flipping the switch doesn’t mean you’ll be bathed in warm, beautiful light. Instead you’ll be greeted by a dull, grey-cast light that needs time to warm up to full brightness (which, let’s be honest, isn’t really that bright.)

Dan changing out the kitchen pendant light. Won't have to do this again for a VERY long time.
Dan changing out the kitchen pendant light. Won’t have to do this again for a VERY long time.

Yes, I have so many other things to worry about in my life, but I was honestly a little panicky about not being able to find good light bulbs anymore. And I encouraged my husband’s over-buying of bulbs.

So when I was contacted by Cree to see if I wanted to try out their LED bulbs, I was pretty quick to sign on. If they could truly do what they said in their email to me–“warm light, instant on, energy-saving”, I was more than willing to give them a workout in my big old farmhouse where we secretly hoard incandescent bulbs in the basement. 

We’re coming up on 3 months of Cree Bulb use in our home and here’s what you should know:

1. They turn on right away. There’s no warm-up time. Flip the switch and let there be light.

2. They light the room just like an incandescent lightbulb. They give off warm, strong light that feels inviting and comfortable in all the rooms where I use them.

3. They last forever. The first places we switched over to Cree bulbs were in the most annoying places to change the bulbs. First on the list, the pendant that dangles over the kitchen island. The bulbs have a 25,000-hour lifetime (an incandescent lightbulb has about a 1000-hour lifetime), so one bulb change is going to last us a really long time. No more climbing on the kitchen island and dealing with the fragile pendant? Done.

One of the next places I wanted a CREE LED bulb was at my bedside table. It provides warm, soft light for reading, especially at night before bed. 
One of the next places I wanted a CREE LED bulb was at my bedside table. It provides warm, soft light for reading, especially at night before bed. 

4. They use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

5. They are mercury free. The other thing I hated about CFLs was the fear of breaking them and dealing with proper, safe disposal. And because these LED blubs from CREE last longer, they are less wasteful (and less toxic.)

6. They are dimmable. If you’re one of those fancy people with dimming light switches CREE’s newest 4Flow Filament design will work with most dimmers. It is made from durable shatter-proof plastic but has cross-flow ventilation that cools the LED. (And it can be used inside and out!)

7. They are priced to be affordable. Cree’s standard (A19) bulb is under the ten dollar mark at Home Depot

So if switching out your bulbs to CFLs makes you feel a little depressed, like it did me, Cree’s LED bulbs will be your new best friend. Find out more about the different types of bulbs they offer by visiting

This post is part of a sponsorship with CreeBulbs. All opinions are my own. 

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