Power Balls : A healthier after-school snack

After tiring of seeing my kids subsist on nutella and toast as their go-to “wander into the kitchen looking for something easy to make” after school (and in our case between school) snack, I decided to revisit an old favorite recipe I haven’t made in quite awhile. 

This recipe for power balls was actually the first thing I had in-print with the beloved and sadly long-gone Wondertime magazine. The original name for this treat, and what my family calls them–is”fiber balls”, but I think we can all agree that name is mildly unappealing. Of course the fancy photographers at Wondertime were able to seriously cute-ify this handful of yumminess, but I think from the ingredient list, you’ll get the idea. 

What I love about this recipe is that it’s packed with good things, has tons of flexibility and is yummy enough that my kids will gobble them up. They are the perfect thing to toss in lunch boxes, have in the fridge for a quick after-school snack, or help everyone make it from lunch until dinner. 

And, they have replaced the nutella-binge going on this house. 

Though I forgot to count when I made them yesterday, you’ll get a good 3-dozen from this recipe, I believe. Wrapped tightly, they freeze well if you want to store some away for another time. I like to use my small cookie dough scooper to get even-sized balls and then roll them by hand. 

So freshen up the snack list or the lunchbox staples and add these to the list! 

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  1. I have made these but without the coconut, raisins and nuts. And we love them! I will have to try new additions next time. We call them energy bites.

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