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Buying clothes for girls: (OshKosh B’Gosh is my new fave)

You’ve heard me talk about it plenty of times before–every time I drag all my girls off to the store for clothes the slim picking of things that are classic and age-appropriate leaves me frustrated. I get increasingly discouraged as more and more of my go-to shopping spots give in to the adult-like clothes in little sizes. So I was pretty much dreading the back-to-school shopping session I knew would be coming up soon.

Can’t a little girl just get a cute skirt that hits at the knee instead of 8 inches above it? 

Or a nice tshirt that doesn’t have some sassy adjective blazoned across the front in glitter? 

Or a dress that doesn’t have the back cut out? 

Or comfy sweats without a message written across the backside?

*Big sigh.* 

But when I was asked by The Motherhood to take part in a post with OshKoshB’Gosh about back to school clothing, I’ll admit that the name conjured up babies in overalls not a place my girls and I would be shopping for clothes. OshKosh wasn’t even on my radar. 

But I quickly jumped on the site and was completely surprised by what I found, so I decided to sign on to the program. 

My disclaimer? They gave us a gift card to get a few things at their store. But keep reading.

People. Seriously. OshKosh B’Gosh is my new favorite. I feel like I’ve just uncovered the find of the year. And I promise you I’m not just saying that. Three girls? (they don’t have sizes for Emma) That gift card was blown in the first ten minutes. But I was happily spending my own money to stock up on clothes for back to school from a company that believes in age-appropriate clothing and kids being kids. 

I didn’t need to steer the girls away from certain outfits. Everything was something I’d feel comfortable having them wear, and even better, they were finding things they loved. 

Tunics and leggings. Woven shirts in florals and gingham. Overalls in big-kid sizes that were so cute I couldn’t stand it. Stripes. Pants in fun colors. Great-fitting jeans. Fun accessories like these custom “enamel pins”. Shoes. I loved the shoes.

And sales. Really, really good sales. (I just clicked over to their site…up to 50% off right now. AND, I have a coupon for you at the end.)

So if you’re like me, and find clothes shopping for your kids a frustrating experience, make sure OshKoshB’Gosh is on your radar. I’m so happy to have discovered my new go-to source for their clothes for back to school and for the future. I’m smitten. 

(Check out some of the girls’ favorite things:)

One of the parts of this program with OshKoshB’Gosh was a phone call with their company, including one of the designers of this year’s back to school collection. I was taking notes, and these are the things I wrote down in my notebook…. 

“We’re all about kids being kids”

We want them to “be kids as long as they can.” 

There’s “plenty of time to grow up.”

Our clothes are “timeless and classic”. 

That pretty much sums it up. 

Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsorship with OshKoshB’Gosh. All the opinions expressed in this post are my own, honest opinions. In other words, yes, I really love their clothes this much. 

OshKoshB’Gosh has also launched their B’Gosh Jeanious campaign to support KIDS and to help local kids, teachers and schools. Donate a pair of new jeans or make a cash donation for a great cause. OshKosh will match all denim donations with another item of clothing. And cash donations will be matched up to $50K. he campaign runs until September 17.

13 comments on “Buying clothes for girls: (OshKosh B’Gosh is my new fave)”

  1. I have a 15 year old daughter and you are right about slim pickings. I have the best luck for late middle school/high school girls at JCrew. A little pricey but they do have sales and many of their clothes are timeless classics that wash and wear well. We buy a few pieces that can mix and match.

    1. my girls are 12 and 14 and we shop jcrew a lot, too. have you ever checked out their factory store website? same great quality, lower prices!

      1. I check it occasionally but admit that I forget about it a lot. I have looked at some basics for Emma on Johnnie Boden, which I love too. But I’m going to have to remember JCrew outlet. Emma is probably the hardest of all to shop for because she’s right on that border between girls and misses clothes.

  2. Am I looking in the absolutely wrong place for big kid overalls? I see nothing outside of the toddler section! Would so love a size 6/7 denim overall in a slim, girl cut.

    1. Found it. The embellished overall, looks like it goes up to size 6 and then mysteriously hops to size 10. It didn’t show up in a search, under "Bottoms," under "Blue Jeans," or under the "World’s Best Overalls" section — you have to go to "New Arrivals" and scroll down until you find the outfit with the overalls. Half price, though!

  3. SO cute. I never understood why their Target brand "genuine kids" stopped making clothes for girls 6 and up! Thanks for the link!

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