Elevate the small

That quote stuck with me several weeks ago when I was feeling bogged down in the big philosophical questions of motherhood. And while it is important to parent with the big picture in mind–What kind of person will my child become? Will they make good decisions later in the life? Will they be a good person? Am I doing a good job?–it’s also important to just settle in to the little things. There can be just as many important moments in the washing of jam off little cheeks, sing-a-longs at stoplights, tucking hair behind ears, and brushing teeth.

There’s nothing like mothering through difficult patches to bring out every insecurity and worry about whether or not you’re doing it right and doing right by your child. 

But this one little quote burst that balloon full of doubt and worry and what-ifs that I was facing a few weeks ago. My mind had raced so far down the path of the future, I was forgetting to just do the little things really, really well. 

That, I can handle.

The quote comes from this article, 8 Reminders for Mindful Parents.

4 comments on “Elevate the small”

  1. I am so there. I am solo parenting every other week while my husband travels for work. At it tires me out. When he got home this week I realized how badly bedtime had become.

    1. I just dedicated a page in my everything book to transcribing these words. brilliant. and just what i needed to read.

    2. well, almost a page. underneath, there is a shorthand, exclamation-point ridden rendition of the p.b. popcorn (what???)

    3. your moleskine/journal bit has changed. my. life. thank you, thank you.


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