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Woodlawn Update \ Weekend kitchen projects

If you’re reading this through a feed reader, then phew! Things are looking pretty cleaned up and fresh around here. I made the move to the most updated Squarespace version, gave the blog a quick facelift and tried to get all my ducks in a row so that this move would be a little more seamless than the last one. I still have a few kinks to work out, a few things that didn’t make the move with me that I need to bring back (like an updated “what we’re reading” list!) but overall I’m so happy with the newness. With a week of nursing sick kids, it took a little longer, but I’m back…and I owe you chocolate. That’s coming. 

Woodlawn kitchen: BEFORE. Sometime this summer. Woodlawn kitchen: BEFORE. Sometime this summer.

In the meantime, I’m sharing a quick Woodlawn update. It has been so long! 

Dan finally knocked one of those nagging little projects off the to-do list this weekend. When we (and by “we” I mean Dan) were frantically getting this kitchen up and running before our move-in, we left the backsplash decision on the back burner. As Dan was cutting down countertops, he had an extra run of butcher block, so that became our temporary backsplash around the sink.  Having a wine storage cabinet would have been cool.

Even though it was attached and sealed with silicone, my apparently wild water antics washing dishes (actually I blame it all on the kids) meant that water was still finding ways to get in any possible crack or crevice. I had no other choice but to look about plumbing services that were available near me to get things right at the earliest, as there are more upcoming plumbing repairs, too. You can check them out here. At that point, it didn’t look to me that there was another way out other than calling in the water restoration austin services. 

A few weeks ago, Dan decided to take off the backsplash (on Christmas Eve, I believe. He’s always had a knack for timing house projects) before any damage was done to the actual counter tops and we’ve been drying out and religiously oiling what was left behind. 

With a cold, rainy weekend before him, my “I get a little antsy without a project” husband decided to finally tackle the backsplash project. We went with a simple, white subway tile. I really didn’t want to do anything too strong behind the kitchen sink. I didn’t want to make a statement, but wanted to keep things looking clean and bright. The project was so easy (for me, the photographer) and finished in just the weekend. 

Tiles went up on Saturday. And you’ll notice that we still keep the coffee pot plugged in a ready. Priorities, people. And on Sunday afternoon, by the time I got home from my monster grocery shopping trip at Wegmans, he’d grouted AND cleaned up. Admitted that he took help from an online bond cleaning platform, I was just glad that the place was clean when I got back home.  

This was my kind of project. Even though I love progress, it is a well-known fact around this house that the in-progress chaos makes me a little nutty. But this job was painless (for me), budget-friendly (all under $100!), and the results make me so very happy. 

Dan tells me the next things on his list are some hooks under those shelves for coffee mugs and another small set of shelves beside the stove for my jars of pantry staples. But first, we should probably fix that little drip coming out of the handle of the faucet.  And we should probably clean up the drain as it can cause some plumbing damage afterwards (read more at

And by “we”, I of course mean Dan. 

15 comments on “Woodlawn Update \ Weekend kitchen projects”

  1. It looks great. I am obsessing about kitchens right now because we may be re-doing one in a cabin in the near future. I really love the simple sophisticated look of subway tiles.

  2. Looks great Molly! I’ve missed seeing you. Any lambs on the ground? Still waiting on ours, good thing though because blaming pens not set up yet:) Hope to see you all soon!

    1. Hi Lisa! We decided to take a year off from breeding and will just buy market lambs in the spring. But I have to admit, I’m missing little lambs running around! Hopefully we’ll see you at 4-H tonight? So good to hear from you!

  3. i love the simplicity of the subway tile. and it’s so satisfying to cross something off the never ending list of house projects!!

    1. It IS never-ending. Just last night, I walked into my bathroom to find a large puddle of water under the sink/toilet. The sink is leaking. Now I know how Dan will be spending his weekend…sigh. 🙂

  4. Oh it looks so good! And my husband is exactly the same way. I love it when he says on a Friday night, "let’s just be lazy tomorrow". Because that lasts until about 9 am and then he’s out tinkering or overhauling and I have a smug laugh to myself. While at the same time being overwhelmingly thankful for a man that loves to work hard and keeps my to-do list at a constant nil.

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