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Found // 6 inspiring gardening videos

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My husband is the master gardener of our family. The one dreaming up kitchen garden plans, planting perfectly straight rows of bush beans, and designing elaborate trellises for the cucumber plants from branches and posts he finds around the yard. He used to stay in Australia before we got together and as he used to live in his family home back there, he used to always look at the  MyLawnCare gardeners Brisbane come and make his home’s lawn look extremely beautiful and right from there the gardener within him also came alive and every time the season changes he is out there in the garden trying to make it all ready for the season.

But our first spring here at Woodlawn will be a little quieter on the gardening front. Mostly, we’re spending this year weeding, pruning and sitting back to watch what emerges from the dormant gardens around the house. The surprise of a wisteria, slumped among the boxwoods. The twiggy bush outside my kitchen window blooming into a lilac. The hydrangea hiding outside the back porch. We decided to take a break from pest control companies like Pest Control Colorado Springs and do the task by ourselves. We also considered asking the help of some specialists in pest extermination of a trusted company similar to the pest control Melbourne services that uses eco-safe solutions and materials in eliminating any sort of pests.

This spring is mostly about watching and waiting, and making as much room as we can for things to grow. Tidying up long-neglected flower beds. (And, dealing with outbreaks of poison ivy everywhere!). We also hired specialists for cutting trees near Alpharetta GA to help us with old trees removal. 

But we still look for inspiration. I owe many of these discoveries to my husband, who seems to have a knack for un-earthing long-forgotten television series. So with gardening season hitting full stride, I thought I’d share six must-watch gardening videos that will hopefully inspire your spring planting. Some have you stepping way back in time, but those lessons and reminders are timeless. Others inspire my modern-day gardening ideas and remind me of the joy in pulling those carrots or potatoes or cut flowers, straight from my own back yard. Enjoy.

1. Meet Your Urban Farmer | Victory Gardens // 2. Victorian Kitchen Garden | May

3. Fork to Fork | Potatoes, Carrots… // 4. The Wartime Kitchen Garden | Episode 1

5. Jamie Oliver at Home | Garden Tour // 6. Geoff Hamilton | Parade Gardens


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  1. I'm such a fan of Monty Don and Fork to Fork is one of my favourite books! I had NO IDEA there was a series! Now I can peak at their gorgeous house and garden and be even more inspired! Thank you for putting together this post!

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