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Dan is pulling a late night at Woodlawn tonight. We just got home from taking him dinner, which he eats standing up, and in tonight’s case, straight from the pot. I’m getting pretty good at portable meals. 


Tonight he is waxing our kitchen floors. We went with Armstrong VCT tile–a commercial grade tile that comes in just about every color you can imagine. It’s durable, long-lasting, easy to care for and is incredibly budget-friendly. Not only that, it was important to me that the kitchen floors kept that “old farmhouse kitchen” charm. We looked at lots of options and this one was definitely the best fit. 


But tonight it requires three coats of wax with 30-minute drying periods in between. And then they have to remain untouched for at least 24 hours. So this was our only window to get the job done. (“Our” meaning my hard-working husband’s, of course.) 

So he’s on house duty. I’m on kid-duty. We’re kind of like ships in the night these days as we work towards move-in day.


In the meantime, we are exactly one week away from what will be our first night in Woodlawn. My house is in that lovely state of complete and utter chaos. It’s requiring deep breaths and focus on where all this mess will lead us. I try to at least control the things I can–like the dishes. If they’re done, I can just stand over the sink and pretend my whole house is just as tidy and put together. Okay, not really….

So cross your fingers, hold your breath, this is the Big Week. Only to be followed by another Big Week (or month) of unpacking and settling in. But that’s the fun part. 

P.S. Pete and Paige are doing well. Nursing like champs and sleeping like logs. May is going to have to hurry up and have her babies or hold it in until we move!! Eeeek! More babies soon!! 

12 comments on “Woodlawn // weekend late nights”

  1. We had the vct tile in our old house and I loved it! It's a great choice.
    Everything is looking good, including the blog. Hooray! And hang in there!

  2. Molly, I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and I have been so enjoying it! I recently made a blog switch too and it was a tad stressful but totally worth. I wanted to let you know that I am an e-mail subscriber and it worked just fine- no hiccups! Can't wait to follow along as you move into your gorgeous new home- what a project!

  3. Oh how exciting! Every bit of chaos in your current home is worth it, because in just a few days you will be living in your dream home, with new kitchen and all. And once that moving in chaos is finished you'll be able to grab your warm cup of tea? Coffee? And breath a sweet breath of relief and satisfaction and relax.

  4. It may be chaos now but so worth it in the end. Your home is beautiful! Your new blog look is very lovely as well. Will be watching for updates!

  5. Hi! So happy to have discovered your blog! Your new house looks amazing – I look forward to following your move.
    BTW – I learned about your blog through a sponsored post in my Facebook feed. I will be switching over to WordPress next week and I too am concerned about losing all my subscribers. Brilliant idea to sponsor a post to get the word out!
    I'll be back to visit again soon!

  6. The house is looking wonderful. The kitchen tile should serve your well. We have something like that, or the same, in my parent's house and it is 50 plus years. The waxing was stopped years ago and you can see the wear, but it still comes clean. Would you believe ours is white — in a kitchen — on a farm. What were they thinking!!

  7. @Karen, my grandmother has the same in white! And the floor in our old house was white linoleum and I have said the exact same thing….what were they thinking?!!?

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