32 comments on “How can you deny her?”

  1. oh my goodness. each shot got sweeter and cuter! look at that smile. that wonder that discovery brings. all so perfectly summer and perfectly childhood.

    i LOVE these.

  2. I am laughing so hard right now. At her sweet tush and silliness. And at the caribeener on the clothesline that matches my set up. And the identical-looking kitten to the one kitten we have left. Oh goodness.

    Happy Weekend, Molly!

  3. what a cute story.are you so thankful you have the time in your day to be able to say yes!the time to be able to watch and surely giggle right along with your littlest. so sweet.

  4. These are the moments that I remember about each of my children when I get angry because they turned the hose on (without permission) and sprayed my laundry trying to get the dog! It is hard to stay upset then.

  5. oh, molly!

    she’s become a PERSON!

    when did that happen?

    (and i’d be right there, cheering her on.)



  6. So cute! Now my only question is do you have a wateproof something on your camera or are you just that good/fast? My I am just not that brave yet.

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