34 comments on “wednesday, thursday”

  1. Paused at 00:16 to see how much bigger Bips has gotten in only a month since I’ve seen her! Tears.

  2. it’s the haircut. which is looking a big mullet-y these days because she only sat long enough for a bang trim, not a trim all the way around. June can’t get here fast enough….xo.

  3. Love that video. Can’t wait to share it with my wee one when she wakes from her weirdly long nap today! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. amazing! makes me long for a little more “country” in my very “city” life. thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE seeing this…thank you! It brought back nice memories of the nest of baby cardinals we had last Spring by our front door. This year we are in a very different part of the world and have a dirt nest outside our bedroom window…we have been watching a cute pair of European house martins constructing it one dab of mud at a time…hoping we get to see some babies soon. Is there anything that feels more like spring than sweet baby birds? Thank you again for sharing this. Off to add Gillian March to Pandora.

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