14 comments on “two signs of a pretty good morning”

  1. Oh that is soooooo adorable.

    Truly great picture. Way to capture the moment. I love the tiny glimpse of bum peeking out and the dirt. So cool.

  2. daffodiles already? wow lucky you!and Owen has totally been doing the fingers down the pants lately!!! Every time i hold my breath that his diaper isn’t dirty. That picture is priceless.

  3. Hello sweetie 🙂 I love so much these lovely yellow flowers ! I used to have the same in my garden ! I just have to add some new “seeds” (because they were really really really old LOL) ! I miss your news 🙁 It’s been so long without them ! I’m sad sniff sniff sniff sniff ! I hope to read you soon ! Hugs

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