#GivingTuesday : Barnraiser–Kickstarter for farmers

#GivingTuesday may almost be over, but it seems like the perfect day to share one of the things that has been bookmarked on my computer for weeks, because I knew I wanted to share it with all of you. Projects like this are always near and dear to my heart, and this is one that needs more eyes, voices and support behind it. 

An email from Barnraiser showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago and I was immediately intrigued. The best way for me to sum up Barnraiser is that it is like Kickstarter for farmers, artisans, educators and community projects that are aimed at helping to reshape our food system. It’s for anyone wanting to make a difference in the way we farm and the way we eat. 

Just a quick perusal of the site and you’ll find projects like heirloom fruit orchards and classroom gardens, a bakery’s wood-burning oven, a farm’s micro-creamery, sustainable bees and responsible chicken farms, looking for financial support to get their projects and ideas up and running. 

Secretly, I’ve always had lofty dreams of ways I’d love to dig my hands into agricultural and community-based ideas. But one of the things always holding me back was “where would I ever come up with the money.” 

It’s projects like Barnraiser that are opening the doors for these ideas that are making a difference and making changes in our local resources, small farming communities and the food that ends up on our tables. 

Take a moment on this #GivingTuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday or any day!) to check out this Barnraiser. Trust me, you’ll be inspired by these people.

**Also note: Anytime you make a pledge on Barnraiser you can elect to gift your reward to someone else…what a cool way to give this holiday season.**

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